Saturday, March 5, 2011

HelpEarth Foundation: What does every kid at heart LOVE Baseball

HelpEarth Foundation: What does every kid at heart LOVE Baseball: "We have a wonderful opportunity to unleash the creative talents of the youth that we are enrolling into the on a ..."

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If you think about it.

Right now in my community and yours is a number of unresolved  issues that we believe we can help to and it is a very simple concept.  

So lets stop to just think about a typical day for many in the Metro Area. People get up and make their way to work. Along the way then may pass a kids or some homeless folks and dont pay too much attention.  Personally over the years I have gotten to  know some of them and notice that the skills they have dont fit in the office cubicles and we all had to live in our boxes right.   NO..........

What really struck me was that some of these kids and homeless where already on the cloud and they just didn't know it. Most of the businesses dont either. So it's an even playing field.   What we when I say we I mean the Help Earth Foundation is going do do is teach specifically these groups how to become part of the Cloud Work Force.  

Once the initial training is done we hope to watch them deploy back into the community to work on the greatest contrention of domains, blogs, twitters and homes every assembled under the So now instead of being under employed in these communities they will be part of the digital citizenry and become independent nodes on the cloud of earth.  

What is a cloud. Well lets just think about the sounds, texts, and wireless things that are around each of us. We'll call it the personal cloud.   This personal cloud meets up with your home cloud with then meets up with your neighborhood, and from there city then , Metropolitan as well meeting the international cloud at every corner or link along the way.   It is the cross connecting of all of us that binds us like sand together as we have to share some or ourselves for the betterment of us all.

Abit of background that we will be bringing to this. Some of us have been working on community issues for 30 plus years some have been online since 1993 and working on community issues and together look forwards to sharing our insights and earned knowledge, which we believe is unmatched for the present time and challenge. Furthers since from where we sit there is no one else offering to take all this cloud talk and get anyone into a CloudWorkForce We will be doing it.

Who is involved is a mix of for and non profit business that have come together on the cloud and are seeking to work for what we like to call the Win Win Win Win.   If you are your organization want to join us please contact

Help Earth Foundation

(202) 643-5791

 Please visit for more details about this cloud computing stuff. for more about the Crystal R US and how we all need to connect together.

Monday, August 23, 2010

This is the newest twist on a job training

Is is a job or a carearr.,  Really it's up to you. We will provide the training and the Cloud to work on the rest is at your door set or key pad.

Get ready to change your life.......and become part of the Cloud Work Force Network.